Getting Started

CryptoSports™ is the first fantasy sports and sports gaming platform completely implemented on the blockchain. CryptoSports™ is based on an ownership model where participants buy and sell collectable Player Tokens representing real-world professional athletes in major league sports. A participant's ownership of Player Tokens is immutably recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. A participant can assemble a team using the Player Tokens they own and enter this team into fantasy sports contests to win Ξeth based on their team's performance in real world games.
  • A desktop or notebook computer with Chrome, Firefox, or Brave web browser installed.
  • The MetaMask browser plugin. This plugin allows your web browser to interact with the Ethereum blockchain directly and provides a digital wallet to store ether in. You can get this plugin for free by navigating to Metamask and following the instructions.
  • You'll need some Ξeth - the currency of the Ethereum network. It can be purchased from a variety of exchanges incuding at Coinbase and Circle. After acquiring some Ξeth from an exchange (or elsewhere), you must send it to your Metamask Ethereum wallet.

The CryptoSports™ Player Token Marketplace

CryptoSports™ Player Tokens are sold in our Marketplace in time-based auctions where the purchase price you pay decays over time. You can search the marketplace by player or team name, or even player position. To purchase a particular player, find the player in the marketplace and click on its corresponding BUY NOW button and proceed with the transaction using Metamask.
To sell a CryptoSports™ Player Token that you own, you can easily list it for free in our Marketplace. You can also easily remove your Player Token from our Marketplace if it has not yet been purchased. If your Player Token is purchased from our Marketplace, CryptoSports charges a 10% selling commission on the sale price. CryptoSports™ Player Tokens are ERC721-compliant, so they can be traded in third-party marketplaces that support this standard as well.
CryptoSports™ mints one new Player Token for each active real-world player in the league (NFL®, MLB®). When a Player Token that was minted by CryptoSports™ is purchased, CryptoSports™ automatically mints another. In order to control supply, the blockchain contracts prevent us from creating more than one Player Token for a given real-world athlete at a time - thus maintaining a limited supply.
When CryptoSports™ mints a new Player Token, it is automatically listed in the Marketplace at a starting price that is 25% greater than the average sale price of the last 2 Player Tokens we minted for the same real-world athlete. This guarantees that CryptoSports™ will always be increasing the sale price of newly minted Player Tokens and that CryptoSports™ does not undercut the current market conditions.
The blockchain allows CryptoSports™ to mint up to 2,500 Player Tokens in each league to use for marketing purposes ("Maketing Player Tokens"). The primary use of Marketing Player Tokens is to incent our users to follow us on Twitter where we do air-drops of free Player Tokens on a daily basis (while supplies last).
When you list a CryptoSports™ Player Token in our Marketplace, the blockchain SaleClockAuction contract takes temporary custody of the token while it is available for sale. If you elect to cancel the auction before someone else purchases it, the SaleClockAuction will return the ownership of the token back to you. If a prospective buyer bids the current sale price for the token, the SaleClockAuction will transfer ownership of the token to the buyer and remit the sale price (less our commission) directly to you.

CryptoSports™ Fantasy Sports Contests

CryptoSports™ offers contests that allow you to compete with others in Fantasy Sports games that award real-ether prizes. The contests are managed by our CSportsContest contract on the blockchain and all prize money and any entry fees are guaranteed to be distributed and/or refunded in accordance with the contest rules.
CryptoSports™ Fantasy Sports contests use a Player Token ownership model to form teams that are scored based on real-world athlete performance in major league sporting events. The contests follow this format:
  • CryptoSports™ defines and publishes a set of real-world games ("Game Set") that will be played at some future date. CryptoSports™ then creates a contest that will be scored by the performance of real-world athletes who play in the Game Set. When CryptoSports™ creates a contest, we...
    • define a total prize amount to be awarded to the contest winners - sending this amount to the blockchain to be held in escrow; and
    • specify the payout format (winner-take-all, top-10, or 50/50) for the contest; and
    • specify the starting and ending dates for the contest; and
    • specify the entry fee paid by each contest participant; and
    • specify the minimum and maximum number of contest participants for the contest.
  • You are offered the opportunity to assemble a team using Player Tokens that you own that correspond to players you think will perform well in the real-world games defined by CryptoSports™ in the previous step.
  • You enter your team by paying the contest entry fee (if any). When you do, the Player Tokens corresponding to your team are temporarily held by our CSportsContest contract in escrow until the contest completes - at which time they are returned to you. You may withdraw from any contest and recieve a full refund of your entry fee with your player tokens released from escrow at any time prior to the contest beginning.
  • When the last real-world game in the Game Set completes, CryptoSports™ will score the contest according to the performance of all participating athletes. Our CSportsContest blockchain contract will then pay the winners of the contest and release all players from escrow, returning ownership to you.

CryptoSports™ Fantasy Sports Contests are scored using data provided to us by Fantasy Data - a leader in providing sports data to the fantasy sports industry. Upon the completion of a contest, we receive the fantasy sports scores for all players that participated in games in that contest. We pass that data directly to the CSportsContest blockchain contract which then sorts the teams according to their aggregate scores.

After a contest has been scored it will be displayed in the  My Contests Past Contests  section of the dashboard page. All of the contest's participants will be listed in the order they placed in the contest. All prize winning teams will be highlighted along with the prize ether they were awarded.
If you have been awarded prize ether in a contest you have won, a small wobbling will appear in the menu bar. When you click on this symbol and confirm the transaction, the CSportsContest contract will send your prize winnings directly to your Metamask Ethereum wallet.

When you create and enter a team into a CryptoSports™ Fantasy Sports conttest, the player tokens you included in your entry are temporarily held in escrow by the CSportsContest contract. You can see these tokens when you select the   My Contests Active Contests  or  My Contests Live Contests  section of the dashboard page. These player tokens are released by the CSportsContest when the contest completes and has been scored.

Player tokens are immediately released by the CSportsContest contract when...

  • you cancel your entry prior to the start time of the contest; or
  • you update the lineup of a contest entry and a replaced player token is no longer associated with your team.

In all cases, you are recorded on the blockchain as the player token owner of any token you have used in a contest. Your player tokens are always released from escrow by the CSportsContest contract immediately after a contest ends. Once released, your player tokens can again be used in other contests or sold in the CryptoSports™ marketplace.