• Collect, Compete, Win!

  • Blockchain-certified NFL® player tokens that you own, buy, sell, and enter into real-ether fantasy sports contests

  • New contests all season long!
    The player tokens you own can be used over and over again in all of our contests - forever!

What is CryptoSports™

CryptoSports™ is the first blockchain-based sport gaming application based on the certified ownernership of professional sports player tokens.

Purchase Player Tokens

Purchase player tokens from our marketplace of thousands of professional sports athletes.

Sell Player Tokens

Sell player tokens you have purchased in time-decaying auctions you can list for FREE in our marketplace.

Fantasy Sports Contests

Create fantasy sports teams and contests to compete with others to win real ether!

In Blockchain We Trust

Confidence & Security

Blockchain technology forms the foundation of the CryptoSports™ platform.

Player token ownership is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain as is a complete history of buy/sell transactions.

CryptoSports™ implements all aspects of its contests on blockchain - including creation of teams, scoring, and prize payments.

Smart Contracts

The CryptoSports™ platform is completely implemented with Ethereum smart contracts. The contracts are published on the Ethereum network and can be seen at etherscan.io.



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